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Welcome to the website for the Scaffolding, Access and Rigging industry of New Zealand. While membership of our professional association is voluntary, we do now represent the majority of scaffolding companies throughout the country. is a website and advocacy group that helps the victims of asbestos exposure and their loved ones. We connect our visitors with the resources they need to understand and fight asbestos-related disease, all at no cost. We research the latest data about asbestos and asbestos-related diseases to ensure an accurate, up-to-date site, and we maintain relationships with doctors and cancer centers to promote patient access to cutting-edge treatment.

A resource of information on mesothelioma a rare form of cancer that is caused by asbestos exposure. It usually forms in the lungs of those who have been exposed to this deadly toxin, but sometimes occurs in the abdominal area or the area around the heart. There are a number of therapies available that can help prolong survival and minimize symptoms and discomfort, but in most cases the cancer is too aggressive and too advanced at the time of diagnosis to be cured.

WorkSafe works collaboratively with businesses, undertakings, workers and their representatives to embed and promote good work health and safety practices.

 Layher Scaffolding Systems
Layher, the world’s largest producer of modular scaffolding systems, is internationally recognised as the leading scaffold supplier to the mining, construction, infrastructural, petrochemical and event industries.

Safe Time
Digital Scaffolding Inspections Since 2013 -  safetime® has revolutionised health & safety reporting by becoming a leader in digital scaffolding inspections. Using a visible tagging system to supplement inspection reports is a useful way of ensuring those who need access to the scaffold/temporary work know that it has been inspected correctly and therefore safe to use.

Bay Audiology

So you suspect you have a hearing problem. What do you do next? We recommend you get a hearing test as soon as you can to help minimise future hearing loss. The first step is very easy with the free basic hearing test for everyone aged 18 and over which will determine if you have hearing loss. It only takes 20 minutes and best of all, it won’t cost you anything.